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National Wedding Traditions: Brazilian Wedding

Brazilian Wedding Traditions

Wedding in Brazil can be the greatest impression in the lives of all people involved. The variety of cultures mixed in Brazil provides the mixture of wedding traditions. However, certain elements are common for all weddings in Brazil. Thus, samba dance is the bright and impressive drive for the wedding party, that's why it is danced at all Brazil weddings. Another tradition is that a bride is expected to be late by ten minutes to the wedding. At the wedding party, the tables are named by the names of Brazil cities instead of numbering them.

One of pre-wedding traditions which is accomplished only in some Brazilian regions requires that a man has to tame the unruly donkey to demonstrate his value and responsibility as a husband. Donkey taming is called "Bumba-Meu-Boi". After that the man is allowed to make a proposal to the daughter of the donkey owner.

Wedding traditions imply that it is prohibited to the groom to see his bride before the wedding ceremony. The prayer in Portuguese is read during the traditional wedding in Brazil.

It can be difficult to find a tuxedo and wedding gown in Brazil, so the couple can wear anything formal which can be suitable for the event. Wedding receptions are full of joy, happiness and festive mood. The main point here is that the wine is enough, because its lack can cost the parents of the newlyweds the shame in front of their neighbors. The guests leave only when all food is gone - this means the end of the party. Small cookies called "Casadinhos" are given to guests as a token. Also, there is a tradition that parents give and are given presents on wedding day of their children. After the party is over, the groom takes his bride and carries her home; he has to step with his right foot first in the room. This means luck and health for the family.

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