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Wedding Planning: Buying of Wedding Dress for a Bride and Suit for a Groom

Buying of Wedding Dress for a Bride and Suit for a Groom

The issue of wedding dress buying is maybe not so long-term one (dress is worn only once), but not less critical. Your beloved and all your guests will remember you wearing white beautiful gown, and it is up to you to make it unsurpassed and peerless. Groom's suit is also very important, and both bride and groom should look flawlessly.
The choice of wedding attire for bride and groom makes people face several most general challenges: suit or tuxedo for a groom; buying or renting both for bride and groom, and ready-made or custom-made attire? These are really tough decisions, and possible solutions here may be as follows:

1) The challenge "suit or tuxedo" has rather obvious solution: tuxedo is more formal type of suit, and it is used only on special occasions, that's why the only reason for this suit getting is if you need tuxedo for your further life - in professional sphere, for instance; or if you just like it inexplicably. Otherwise, tuxedo will be only throwaway. However, at the same time, this choice may help in making another decision - buying or renting. This is the case, because mostly tuxedos are rented, not bought. Suits are more usual attire for a groom and less formal.

2) Buying or renting for the bride's wedding gown is not even the question of price, because this gap is not very significant, but the question of personal desire and common sense. If you don't plan to share your gown with your future daughter (if there will be one), there is no sense in keeping it.

Relevant information as for the selection of the bride's gown and groom's suit is available on the following sites:
Women's Suits - catalogue;
Men's Suits - article and links to the groom's attire sites.

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