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Student Council Speech: Secrets of successful presentation

Secrets of successful presentation

As it has been already mentioned, the first impression is of tremendous importance: you have to look as the President or at least prime-minister. However, in some situations it may be even better to be closer to your electorate, but a bit better. For instance, if you are a sportsman and have never worn a dress suit, your robbing in a suit would be considered as pretence by your fellow-students. This may result in your failure. So you have to ponder on what to be dressed at your elections day. Anyway, you have to be neat and clean.

Voice and intonation.
Your voice should be strong and powerful. No hint on uncertainty or nervous tremor. You will be the representative of these people, and they want you to be their leader - that is, to be better, stronger and more confident than they are. You will be their helper in all their needs. Intonation is confident, positively charged and expressive. The results of the elections depend greatly on your elocution. No mumbling and drawling; but intended pauses in certain places - which you want to emphasize - will be relevant and even beneficial.

Attention to the audience.
You have to be completely concentrated on the audience. You will stand in front of them and they will judge your performance. So, even thinking about them, not "I wish I would leave that stage sooner" will result in better impression. However, you cannot pay attention to each of the voters during the speech. But if you choose some pleasant and maybe familiar person in the audience (better in the center of the public) and will address to her/him, you will be more confident and this will look as if you are talking to all of them.

Be tolerant and honest.
Don't blacken the reputation of your competitors, and be honest concerning your qualities. Catchy phrase. Catchy phrase expressing the main idea of your speech should be in the end, because it will be replayed in the minds of your voters later and will remind them of you and your program.

The greatest speech is one written by yourself. It is inspired and heartfelt. Certainly, some hint from other people can help, but nevertheless, only you know better what you should say to your voters. Make logical, impressive and brief speech - and you'll win.

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