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Student Council Speech: Writing Tips

Writing Tips

Successful Student Council Speech requires setting exact aim and forecasting of expected reaction of the audience. This means that the speaker has to be a psychologist to a certain extent or to have an intuition so that he/she could respond to the reaction of the public. However, there are certain writing tips which can initially form the speech which would attract the attention of the audience and thus anticipate its reaction. If you consider the best speech as such which completely absorbs the attention of the audience, then the following writing tips are intended for you.

1. First of all, you have to set the aim of the speech for yourself. This may be easier if you answer the main question which will whirl in the heads of the voters: Is he/she ready for this work? Besides everything else, this also means the readiness to be always at hand to protect and support the voters, and be of use for each of the voters. When you feel you have something to contribute, you can start writing - this means you are focused on the matter and inspired. Inspiration is a great deal!

2. Secondly, you have to remember that the primary impression is the strongest one. That's why you have to gain the favor of the audience starting with the first words: their meaning, intended intonation (for speaking) and underlying power of influence. If you say "Dear friends" - it is more intimate and prepossessing than "Dear colleagues/students". However, it may be unacceptable in some communities to greet with "Dear people/fellows"-because of other existing meanings (sometimes negative) of these words.

3. Third, your beginning should be natural, free and easy. Introduce yourself and tell a light funny story from your life; even the story of beginning of the day will be the best if it corresponds to the main theme of your speech. It should be catchy, but very short.

4. Then goes the topic of your speech. The theme that you choose may be predetermined by the peculiarity of your community and your specialization and interests (mathematics, Nature studies, sports etc). However, there are topics which are usually used for writing such speeches: leadership, development, quality and contribution. Some metaphors can also be of use: long life road, at the beginning of which we all are standing; you as a steam engine which will bring all of them after you into the better future; your college community as a model of a society, and all students as citizens and many others.

5. The presentation of your program within the frame of the abovementioned metaphor may be difficult for understanding. That's why it is better to simply represent your candidate goals which you will achieve when you win the elections.

6. Proclaim the main problems which exist in the campus and provide the potential solutions to them.

7. State that you will be always open to the suggestions and ideas of your audience, underline their importance.

8. End you speech with brief summing up and saying some catchy phrase - it will remain in their heads and will remind them of you.

The greatest speech is one written by yourself. It is inspired and heartfelt. Certainly, some hint from other people can help, but nevertheless, only you know better what you should say to your voters. Make logical, impressive and brief speech - and you'll win.

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