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Entertaining Speech


Entertaining speech focuses on the overall theme of the entertainment speechwriting occasion.


Introduction: singles out the problem that is a matter of concern presented in a lighthearted way.

Main body: Looking at the problem from the different angles that stimulate the audience's reaction to the problem.

Conclusion: Some humorous remarks.

Topics/basic concepts

Anything of interest, suitable to the context of the situation and the audience present. The speech is oriented to entertainment, so that the audience could get relaxed, react to the speech in a hearty way, and enjoy every minute of the entertaining speech.


Creating how-to's, unusual and even contradictory solutions, discussing ways, resorting to examples, representing the topic from various angles of view, creating humorous situations. The speech may focus on an unusual angle that makes the audience pursue the topic from a quite new perspective. The speaker may practice dramatic twists to illustrate his or her point. The speaker may use the illustrative material.

Both verbal and non-verbal types of communication are used.

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