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Wedding Present Guide: Wedding Gift List Compiling

Wedding Gift List Compiling

Despite the fact who is in charge of wedding gift list making, it is important to remember certain rules dictated by etiquette and common sense. First of all, there can be guests who will not approve this for sure, and will even be hurt by this. So, the best solution here is to let them give you what they want. As a rule, these people are the closest and the most important to you, so be indulgent and tolerant.

Secondly, it is important to include the great range of presents in this list. The scope of prices should be wide as well. For instance, this will allow your teenage sibling to present you with something within her or his purchasing capability. At the same time, you will get some necessary trifle for your house.

Also, there is a tendency to use the service provided by some expensive shops. The bride and the groom purchase all they need for their future life together, and the manager of the shop comprises the list of what they bought. Thus, the guests have an opportunity to pay off for this. Information about this is recorded by the manager, and is later provided to the couple.

It would be convenient for you to divide the presents into three main pools: low cost, medium cost and high cost presents. Such division will help you keep in mind the relatives, their financial possibilities and the present themselves. For all that, even if you spent plenty of time compiling this wedding gift list, don't haste to send it to everyone. The best and the most polite way may be sending the invitation card with the post-script informing your guest that there is such wedding gift list and in case of need you will be glad to send it to him/her. Therefore, the list should be available when you send the invitation card (not less than two months before the wedding). Certainly, this will cost you twice the post expenses (email is an alternative) and time, but remember that good relations are invaluable.

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