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Informative Speech


An informative speech is a speech on a realistic factual matter destined to raise the informative and cultural level of listeners. An informative speech should be based upon a wide range of adequate and credible sources.


An informative speech should be carefully structured so that such elements as introduction, body and conclusion could be clearly identified. Specific for an informative speech structure are a thesis statement and an organizational preview in the introduction. A generalized outline of an informative speech includes parts as follows:

1) Introduction:
- Declaring the speech topic;
- Attracting the attention of your listeners to the problem you are going to reveal;
- Making a thesis statement;
- Providing a brief preview of aspects of the problem that will be illuminated in the speech;
2) Body: giving a point-by-point revelation of the speech topic.
3) Conclusion:
- Making a cumulative review of the information provided;
- Referring to the introduction and ending the speech up with a startling conclusion.

Topics/basic concepts

Although it impossible to enumerate all the topics that can be suitable for an informative speech, it is generally accepted that an informative speech should be dedicated to some recent technical or medical investigations, unexpected facts and unusual events. This is a sample list of themes for an informative speech: famous lives, glorious deeds, history of creating a book, etc.


An informative speech is strictly regulated. It should meet certain norms of presentation:

1) A model length of an informative speech is 8 to 10 minutes;
2) Visual aids are welcome but their role is limited to illustrating the verbal message;
3) The speech should be based upon credible sources which should be cited during the presentation;
4) Using notes is acceptable but a fluent memorized presentation is ideal.
5) An excessive use of emotions is prohibited whereas the use of non-verbal communicative means (confident posture, measured gestures, stable eye-contact) is highly praised;
6) The language of an informative speech should be simple, logical, and laconic. Bright imagery can somewhat embellish the speech when used appropriately.

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