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Phrases and Words of Wisdom for Wedding Rings

Phrases and Words of Wisdom for Wedding Rings

Words written on sand will be washed away; words written on paper will fade away; what is engraved in stone will last forever. Engravings in the wedding rings will not only keep the manifestation of your feelings, but will also please the eyes. Undoubtedly, the engravings are not able to save the marriage, but they can help overcome the critical point - it is difficult to remain impartial when there is something that reminds of the vow given to your beloved on the wedding day. Despite all the hardships, the magic words expressing your love and happiness to each other as on the day of their conception will bring you to those times and remind you why you've chosen this person to be the one in your life.

The choice of the wedding ring engraving is one of the most difficult matters - you have to express the quintessence of your love in several words. Below are the phrases appropriate for engravings, you should choose the one which reflects your feelings best of all. You can search the one in the Latin phrases or among the aphorisms of famous people. Of course, some of them are too long to be engraved in full, but knowing the whole, you can engrave only part of the phrase and bringing the entire phrase and its deep sense in your heart.

- Latin Phrases
- The Most Romantic Phrases from Poets and Writers
- The Bible

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