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Wedding Planning: Preparing and Presenting the Wedding Speech

Preparing and Presenting the Wedding Speech

There are three traditional wedding speeches made at the western wedding. They are the father of the bride's speech, groom's speech and the best man's speech. This is strictly formal outline of the wedding speeches program. However, if the wedding is not very formal, creativity and innovation are welcomed. Among them is the introduction of new types of speeches - bride's speech, speech of the made of honor. The most interesting and attracting seem to be the speeches of the bride and the groom. Traditionally, besides everything else, it is the oath of eternal love and commitment, which is not just repeated after the priest, but which expresses the sincere feelings of the newlyweds.

The best way to write a wedding speech is: first of all, to inspire yourself; secondly, to consult experienced people or sample wedding speeches. Inspiration is the key word here, because it is always heard whether the speech was thoroughly planned and prepared without any part of soul contributed into it, or it was heartfelt and emotionally filled. Wedding speech should be personalized. Also it is a good recommendation to make it both funny and touching - this is the best mix which will not leave guests indifferent to your exclusive love story.

As for the wedding speech presentation - training in front of the mirror may be recommended, but not more than once. The point is that words may fade; and multiple repetitions may deprive your speech of the initial power of feelings and emotions. Besides, excitement, nervousness and agitation may be inappropriate for any other speech, but not for the wedding one. This excitement emphasizes the emotional impulses ruling your behavior. Thus, you should plan your speech, but leave some space for improvisation.

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