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Free Sample Acceptance Speech: Accepting Women in Business Awards

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am greatly honored with this Business award. I was one of many women who were nominated for this award, and I can tell that each of them is worthy of this award. I am really excited that I won it and want to thank you for supporting me and trusting my professional qualities. Your support means a lot to me. It is the recognition of my hard work during more than twenty years. Today I am a cosmetic physician, and I believe that I have followed my vocation. Since my early years I was sure that beauty can save the world. And I am talking now not only about physical beauty, but also about the internal beauty which lights up the person from within. While the internal beauty is the concern of other specialists, my profession is to help people become physically attractive and pleasant. I am sure that a person, and a woman particularly should be good-looking and attractive - it is our prerogative.

My story of success started in 2001 with one clinic. Nowadays I have 6 clinics and more than twenty people working with our clinics today. I am very glad to have those people working for me. They all are outstanding and devoted to our services. I know this because I spend 12-14 hours with them almost every day. I am also very grateful to my family, my caring husband and my three wonderful children. I also want to thank my patients who demonstrate me that I have much to strive for in my profession. I am always glad to help women improve their appearance. I like to see the changes in them when they realize how young and beautiful they are. I am sure that each of you can say the same - we often have that extremely pleasant feeling of satisfaction from helping people to improve themselves. Though we all deal in different spheres, we have something in common: it is our striving for better. We want everything around us to be beautiful and esthetic. We work on it and we succeed. And I am glad I can say this: It is a great honor for me to stand in front of you, outstanding business women who make the world better. Thank you!

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