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Distinguished guests!

Ladies and gentlemen!

It is my honor to be invited as a speaker in a charity event at this concert hall.

It is a great pleasure for me to be here today.

I would like to seize the opportunity to congratulate us on launching this outstanding fundraising campaign in which many urban organizations are involved. Our donations in this month have amounted to 50, 000 dollars - the sum that will be transferred to a maternity house in the south of Somalia. On the boards you can see the faces of young mothers in Somalia who need our help. The money will be donated for modern medical equipment. Our goal is to decrease the number of infant deaths in the Somalia town under our sponsorship. To achieve this noble goal, we have organized a charity ball and a charity fair. I am honored to thank all sponsors, organizations and private persons, who care for people in need in the heart of the African continent.

We all know that Somalia is in a desperate economic condition, many of its natural resources exhausted and different political groups still tearing the country into separate parts due to their endless conflicts. But common people, victimized by the regime, have a right to live, to give birth to babies, and to enjoy families with many kids. The women of Somalia, who suffer from malnutrition and hard conditions of life, are brave to have kids. We are proud of their bravery and their will to experience all pleasures of motherhood.

However, the conditions are grave. Poor medical care, if any, a high rate of infant deaths - one can hardly imagine that all this may be possible in the first decade of the 21st century. We are living in the world that needs great changes. But, as President Obama said, we are responsible for the future of the world as well. Our charity organization has been constantly working on fundraising, much of which is transferred as humanitarian aid. Last month we enjoyed our young models in stylish dresses of their own design - they collected a good sum of money and were so happy to give a helping hand to our African friends.

Today, we are often constrained to our own domestic affairs. We think of our own future, with hopes at the time of recession. But when we are in trouble, citizens of a prosperous country people in developing countries suffer from the crisis much, much more. They have to fight for their everyday needs. But they have few resources to struggle against their extreme poverty.

The most unprotected circles of African society are kids. Last year we visited a maternity house in Somalia. It frightened us to see how mother and kids suffer. In that hot climate it is very important to fight against infectious diseases. Water supplies are limited, and drinking water is of notorious low quality. We have developed a program "Mom and kid" that will gradually change the situation at least one maternity house for the better. You may be informed on this program on our website.

Life is so beautiful. God presents us with this gift of life not to suffer from what we can have as our right. Health care protection is a hot issue in developing countries. On paper, kids are protected and have primary care. In reality, the situation is quite, quite different.

Our mutual efforts, our support - all this African moms need most of all. Together, we will fulfill our duty of cherishing every human life.

In closing, I wish to thank all of you, our sponsors and donors, for your donations.

Let's go on building the bonds of friendship and goodness through cooperation and mutual respect.

Thank you all for being with us, joining us, and supporting our beginnings. Thank you all!

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