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Free Sample Demonstration Speech: Tying a Tie

Hello. My name is Brendon Johnson, and I will show you how to tie a tie. At first sight it may seem more complicated and time-consuming than nuclear physics, but as soon as you understand the basics it becomes merely a matter of practice. Believe me, it is much easier than learning to ride a bike or tying a shoelace.

I will demonstrate how to tie a Windsor knot. It is "a thick, wide and triangular tie knot that projects confidence", "your knot of choice for presentations, job interviews, courtroom appearances", "best suited for spread collar shirts" (4). In fact, making it is not tricky at all. Everybody can make a Windsor knot on his tie; however, it is highly recommended for men with a long neck, for the wide knot will visually diminish the height of the neck and thus balance the appearance.

What do we need for tying a Windsor knot? Let us start from the essentials. To succeed in our goal you need three things: a tie, a mirror and motivation. It is highly desirable that you wear a suit or at least a shirt, for a tie was initially designed to conceal the buttons on a shirt, so that you will vividly see why a tie is necessary, and how long it should be. So, ensure that you have all the essentials, stand in front of a mirror, place the tie on you neck and follow the instructions.

The process itself falls into four simple steps (please refer to the diagram on the blackboard).

1. Ensure that the wide end is approximately 30 cm lower than the narrow end and cross the wide end over the narrow one. This will create a loop between the collar and your will-be tie. Pass the wide end through this loop and then down. So the wide end will again be on top of the narrow one.

2. Put the wide end under the narrow one; pull it to the left and across the top of the narrow end. By this time the wide end should encircle the narrow one, forming the first outline of a knot. The wide end should be located to the right of the knot.

3. Put the wide end beneath the narrow one again, then between the collar and the knot, and afterwards push it through the loop.

4. Finally, push the wide end through the knot. Next, hold the knot with your left hand, while adjusting the ends of your tie and pushing the knot to the collar.

Here is the result - a perfectly tied Windsor knot. As we can see by now, tying a tie is much easier than nuclear physics, and not time-consuming at all. With a tie, a mirror and proper motivation it took us two minutes to accomplish the task according to the instructions. If you practice for a couple of times, you will be able to bring the time required to less than half a minute. From now on you know the secret, and you are welcome to use it for the benefit of your appearance.

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