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I did not intend to take the floor, but the questions "Should women ever pay on a date" seems to be having a response in my heart. If you ask me, everyone loves to be wined and dined at another person's expense, both men and women. It is expected from the man who initiates a date to pay for it is well. However, I wonder: Is it really fair for a man to foot the bill all the time?

You may say, he has invited her and must pay for her company. If it she were not invited, she would be able to have a Lean Cuisine by herself. In this case, the man is not paying for a meal. He is paying for the pleasure of being with a woman, so that in her presence any meal would be sweetened by her charm and a good sense of humor. Men may think that it is out of the question to allow a woman to have a share in paying for a meal. Women may think that men may be offended if they pay on a date. In other words, women support the idea of being a man in the person who wines and dines them.

However, in the 21st century, with women earning their own money and getting more and more independent, we may not see a thing wrong with women paying for a date. Let's see my point.

Yes, it's a different age. With all those talks about gender roles and equality of sexes, sticking to many-century traditions when men paid for women mainly because women had no money of their own may be out of date. Of course, some men are offended when a woman offers to pay for a date. But isn't it the sign of her reluctance to continue relationship? Isn't it a straightforward "No!" to any further advances? Why, then it is the only way for a man to keep his face. When a woman suggests she should pay on a date, she demonstrates that she is not interested in a relationship. In this case, a man with her is treated as someone she's doing business with, not a person she cares for.

You may say, society dictates that the initiator foots the bill on a date. In accordance with this norm, it doesn't matter whether this initiator is a man or a woman. When a man says, "Baby, let's go out", a woman subconsciously knows who would pay on a date. The one who is inviting is to set the foundations of the date.

To be on the same side, it would be not bad from the very beginning to discuss the issue at hand. Neither of those involved should ever assume that the other is paying.

Yet, a woman should pay on a date only if:

- First, if it isn't her first date with a guy.

- Second, if she has been going with that guy for some time, and only if he permits - no shortage of money would prevent a real gentleman from having a pleasure to show that he isn't in low waters financially.

- Third, if it is a woman who initiates the date.

- Fourth, if the man's resources are not greater than those of a woman.

Well, whatever recommendations, be tactful. Today, it's perplexing for a woman to consider her not paying as a norm. It isn't buying him a meal. It's establishing the true conditions of your relationship, with all consequent obligations.

Should women ever pay on a date? Yes, they should. They should if they want to be equals. They should if they want to be on friendly terms without being obliged.

Should women ever pay on a date? I mean, when they love and care, when they seriously think of a relationship, when they want to marry a guy? That's a dilemma. I would say "No!" and I would say "Yes!" simultaneously.

So, we have returned to the same "to pay on a date or not to pay". Then who should pay? Well, our good will, our mutual respect. Check, please! - is the price of equitable relationship.

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