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Free Sample Informative Speech: Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an effective substitute for antibiotics, the best treatment for viral infections, and the way to escape from some surgical procedures. Homeopathy has worked for two hundred years, since the father of homeopathy Harnemann proclaimed the principles of balance and harmony. Homeopathy heals the underlying cause of disease. It uses minute quantities of remedies to produce powerful healing effects. It heals, enhancing the body's natural curative mechanisms. Homeopathy has spread all over the world. Its popularity is growing. People expect a lot from homeopathic remedies. The Royal family of Britain is fond of homeopathy. I will inform you what I have found about homeopathy.

When conventional medicine has failed to be effective, people use homeopathy, mainly to cure minor short-term illnesses or long-term illnesses these people cannot cure otherwise. Homeopathy is based on the principle that "like cures like". Also, it is an extremely dilute form of a remedy. Finally, a homeopathic remedy is aimed at all symptoms as one. Although it may be time-consuming to select a proper homeopathic remedy finder, it may be found to make the organism function better.

Homeopathy has advantages over medications. First of all, it has no side effects. It is even more harmless than herbal treatment which can have side effects. Second, homeopathy is in harmony with the immune system. It cures the weak chain in the organism, never forgetting about the needs of a whole healthy organism. Third, homeopathy develops no addiction. Fourth, it is holistic, for it treats all symptoms as one. Fourth, homeopathy has a calming effect. It gives hope without doing harm. Some critics of homeopathy claimed that it violates the laws of chemistry with its emphasis on quantities and tiny doses of the first, second, and further potency. They consider it irrational. But when rational medications produce no effect, it is less rational not to try something that can help even irrationally.

Homeopathy seems to know the secret of our body's healing mechanisms. It knows how to approach our body's forces that will overcome diseases. Conventional medicine should have an alternative rival. To many people homeopathy is an option that brings back good health. Go to your homeopath and when it works, consider the real meaning of balance and harmony, well dosed, in our lives.

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