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Free Sample Informative Speech: Hybrid cars

The market of hybrid cars is continually growing despite tough economic times. The Obama administration supports hybrid cars, since they are a proved means of reducing the greenhouse effect. However, some people think that batteries may end up in landfills, while others view hybrid cars as an environment-friendly alternative to car emissions of today. Hybrid cars will have an important impact of environmental protection and sustainable development, since they reduce air pollution. I have studied the latest information in relation to hybrid cars and will inform you why hybrid cars are on the agenda.

Half a million new hybrid cars will run along American motorways in 2009. The Insight and Prius pioneered a hybrid-oriented trend a decade ago. The third generation Toyota Prius has improved a lot: it is bigger and more powerful, wider and longer. The 2010 Honda Insight, still one of the favorites, will be the most affordable high-mpg car in the near future. The other popular models include Ford's first hybrid sedans, the first hybrid from Mercedes-Benz, a hybrid-only model from Lexus, and the two-mode full hybrid from the Saturn Vue. This year's upgrades are numerous: 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid, 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid, 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, 2009 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid. Among the emerging models are Ford Fusion Hybrid, Mercury Milan Hybrid, Mercedes S-Class Hybrid, Lexus HS 250h, Saturn Vue Green line two-mode, and BMW 7-series hybrid. Thus, hybrid cars have invaded the market that may endanger conventional cars.

The hybrid-powered car is a temporary response to such problems as pollution, traffic gridlock, oil dependence, and safety concerns. Hybrids are good for interurban driving. Their batteries are recyclable and may be recharged. They are smaller than conventional cars. They are not as noisy as conventional cars. They are not aggressive in their demand for high speeds. They are a means of transport that are oriented to a positive change from current destruction of nature. They are transitional alternatives whose future depends on new advanced technologies and innovations.

Hybrid cars have introduced a new philosophy of transport means. These green cars are revolutionary in our attitudes to car emissions. They are a practical step forward to be personally involved in reducing air pollution. You may complain about your hybrid car's inability to accelerate to highway speeds. You may dislike your Prius' bar across the rear window. But what outweighs all minor complaints is your commitment to environmental protection as an act of your own good will.

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