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Free Sample Informative Speech: Genetically modified ingredients

Visiting a supermarket has become a very tiring experience, since we have to read all labels that warn us against genetically-modified ingredients. I try to calm myself down that epidemic services take control over dangerous products. Yet, I have doubts, swallowing a steak that is done to a turn, and envying vegetarians who have no meat-eaters' problems. I am strongly inclined to believe that genetically modified ingredients must be banned once and forever, for us not to undergo degradation as human species because of our blind trust in what food producers make us lightheartedly believe. The cumulative effect of genetically-modified foods is particularly dangerous for sensitive populations, including kids, elderly people, and people who have indigestion problems. I have studied literature on genetically-modified ingredients, trying to be objective in my judgment.

Genetically-modified ingredients glorify modern molecular biology achievements. These ingredients strengthen resistance to herbicides and improve nutritional content of foods. GM foods production is less time-consuming than conventional breeding. For example, Bacillus thuringiensis is a bacterium that breeds crystal proteins that effectively kill insect larvae. Transferred into corn, B.t. makes the plants produce their own pesticides to fight insects. GM ingredients are used in tomatoes, soybeans, sugar beets, corn plants, vegetable oils, breakfast cereals, and potatoes. You consume these foods without knowing that you own organism is involved in a GM process.

The advocates of GM ingredients claim that the advantages of their use are many. First, GM ingredients are pest resistant. Second, they are herbicide tolerant. Third, they are disease resistant. Fourth, they are drought and salinity tolerant. Yet, nothing is said about you and me. But high mortality rates in monarch caterpillars are signals of danger. Molecular biologists have not discovered yet how harmful GM ingredients are. But they claim that GM ingredients may be environmentally hazardous. They do not consider potential hazards to humans. Only allerginicity is a recognized negative impact of GM ingredients.

You can't escape from GM ingredients, since over two-thirds of genetically modified crops are corn, cotton, canola, soybeans, and potatoes. You can't escape from them because the U.S. is the leading producer of genetically-engineered crops. I do not want to be invaded by alien genes, I can wait until strawberry ripens in June and young potatoes appear on my table in their usual time. My organism is vulnerable to all deceptions. I may be too fussy. But I may be not. I would like to have a choice. I want to be told genuinely: Yes, your health may be endangered, but you will survive if you reduce your interest in foods. Good health and reduced appetite!

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