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Free Sample Informative Speech: How to build a happy marriage

A clear-cut tendency is observed today: neither men nor women are in a hurry to marry. The growing independence of women, reluctant to do all housework and bear the main burden of children's upbringing, sacrificing career growth, is one of the causes of the changes in family formation. A happy marriage may be built only on love, tolerance, mutual understanding, equality, and respect. The problem is important because materially both husband and wife are now in many cases on equal terms. More and more women demonstrate higher levels of education than men, More and more women compete with men, holding leadership positions in business, politics and social life. As the result, women become materially independent. They are not materially tied to a family anymore. When they marry, they enrich their world that is now built on kinship, love, safety, quality leisure time activities in which all family members are involved. A family develops a collective feeling of interconnectedness, which is opposed to loneliness. Joy and duty, love and care, discipline and kindness - all these are taken together in a family as a pillar of stable social development. I have talked to married people in search of a "happy family" recipe. I want to share some of my findings with you.

A happy marriage is based on intimacy and commitment. It is a bond that outgrows passion as the feature of romantic love. It is a bond that is based on mutual respect and the feeling as if both husband and wife were in many respects one. It is a way of constructing lifestyle, emphasizing intimate relationship and devotion to a person of your choice. It is confidence in the stable character of marriage, reinforced by having kids. Although even happy marriages tend to undergo changes, they never change the high quality of relating to each other. People are happy to be together, to share opinions, to spend time together, to make plans, which is inherent in their attitudes to each other.

Happy marriages are tested, like others, by time, material difficulties, hardships, deteriorating health, fluctuations of mood, identity development, and the like. Happy marriages, unlike others, never ruin fundamentals of relationship: commitment is so deep that no difficulty can destroy it, since both spouses know how to help and support each other. Happy marriages cherish happy memories, and they cannot destroy these memories when one of the spouses has a temporary temptation to experience something new. On the contrary, happy marriages are full of wisdom, consensus, and their happiness is rooted in a unique feeling of freedom that ties up to a happy marriage experience more than anything else. They cultivate universal love, which is care, understanding, and tolerance to human weaknesses. Happy marriages are built by people who worship communication, interaction, and cannot live without sharing all they have in their hearts and souls.

There is no couple that would not like to create a happy marriage. Only very few families can build long-term relationships that stick to happiness even under unfavorable circumstances. I have talked to married people who are happy in their own way. They feel the aura of happiness and advise others to be tolerant. A happy marriage is an ideal construct that is like a dream that cannot be realized without hard work, creating a relationship and being happy in the process of its creation. I wish you thought over my information. Do not waste your time. Test your own willingness to be perfect in your relationship. Prove that a happy marriage may be a reality.

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