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Free Sample Persuasive Speech: Career objectives

Dear students, where are you going to be in five years? What will you be doing from 9 till 6 every day? In what sphere will you work? In other words, what are your career objectives? Some of you must be thinking that the third year of studies is yet too early to ask such questions. Let me assure you that it is high time to decide upon this issue.

In fact, as my 7 year-long experience as HR-manager shows, there are only two alternatives. Either you think about your career beforehand - now! - or you graduate in two years with an empty track record, and cling to the very first job available with the highest salary. "Not bad at all", some of you might think. Still, believe me that you will soon get bored, for money is not the sense of life. When you hate what you do every day for eight hours, when you go to work only to receive your monthly salary - your life is not complete to say the least. I like the quotation by Elizabeth Kubler Ross who said that "people are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within" (3). The source of this inner light is love for everything that surrounds you - your family in the first place, but also your work! It should give you delight, ensure your professional and personal growth and provide you with a sense of achievement and importance of what you do. Trust my experience: such people rarely get bored with their work in the course of years and are much happier than disillusioned money-earners.

The most difficult thing here is to find the right kind of job. Every person is unique and is best suited to a particular sphere or position. You will never know which exactly is perfect for you until you try. In two years you will graduate the Linguistic department. Where will you go when the diploma is in your pocket? The earlier you start searching, the sooner you will know the answer. Some of you will pursue the direct specialization and work as translators, interpreters or language teachers. Others will plunge into a neighboring sphere and will carve out a career in the tourist business, management etc. Whatever sphere you choose, it should be your cup of tea, not just means to earn your living or beguile eight hours of your day. I call upon you to assume an active attitude to you career, and investigate the possible fields of interest right now, while you still have time to be mistaken and opportunity to work part-time. Two years is the term long enough to understand what you actually expect from your job and find at least the direction of your path. You will know the practical advantages of a definite job - and its drawbacks as well. The more you do now, the less confusion you'll feel when the university door is flung open and you are welcome to go - but where? Even small working experience will help you to answer this question and find your true self by becoming a skilled professional.

According to my deepest conviction, happy person is the person who always brings his own sunshine, wherever he goes and whatever the weather (3). Hope to see these sparks in you in two years by the time of your graduation. Thank you.

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