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Free Sample Persuasive Speech: The case for/against genetically modified food

With universal attention to organic foods and conventional foods, we often underestimate the fact of another division, into genetically-modified and non-genetically-modified foods. We are often misleading by food producers whose aim is to sell more at my own health's costs. I am not against biotechnology. I am against my own body being treated as a platform for biotechnological experiments. I am against my own invaluable, exclusive, unique genes being endangered by transgenic mutants of unknown origin. The problem is that we actually do not know what we really eat. We eat foods that look normal but their engineered content remains hidden. Genetically-modified foods are highly expected in the countries of the world leading producers of genetically modified crops, including the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, China, Paraguay, and South Africa.

I would cross out Brazilian coffee from my shopping list and keep away from Chinese rice as well. I have some fears about my favorite Indian tea and Chinese food in general. Potatoes, soybeans, tomatoes are candidates for exclusion as well. My stomach feels hungry, but I am not sure what I should actually leave on my shopping list. Why is GM foods' safety a top secret?

GM foods appeared in supermarkets without proper safety tests. First, GM foods' safety technology gives no answers about potential hazards of GM foods. Second, little is known about health risks. Third, allergic reactions to GM foods are understudied. Fourth, publications on toxicity of GM foods are scarce. Very few GM foods were tested for safety. For example, GM tomatoes revealed no significant alterations in total protein, vitamins, mineral contents, and toxic glycoalkaloids. The GM and parent tomatoes were "substantially" equivalent

Genetically modified foods endanger people, especially kids, who are very sensitive and vulnerable to such foods, enhancing a risk of health problems over their life span. Unless genetically modified foods are banned, the humans may undergo irreversible physiological and psychological transformations that would be negative to humankind.

I have a right to know how costly genetically-modified innovations may be to my health. Am I deceived for some reason?

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