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Free Sample Persuasive Speech: Sale of human organs should be legal/illegal

Sale of human organs is controversial. It is illegal to sell human organs for profit. If a human organ is given to us by nature, then it is not inside us accidentally. Yet, our body is our property, and we are free to experiment on it. Mothers donate their organs to their kids, giving them life for the second time. The organs of those who died in emergencies may serve other people. Human organ transfers, left to the free market, would save thousands of lives. Today, sale of human organs is technically illegal: donor organs are registered, transplantation procedures are covered by special funds, and transplants may be paid from a fund raised by family for the operation.

Most organs are found for sale on the black market. How much are you ready to pay? Is there a boom of murdering people for their organs? Would you risk a transplant to be sewn into you in a secret place?

You may not know that your acquaintance may have a transplant in the body. In 2000, 22827 organs were transplanted in the United States. The demand for transplants is constantly increasing. Patients on waiting lists for a heart, heart and lung, or liver transplant continue dying. The sale of human organs from dead and living donors is illegal. So, sale of human organs must be either prohibited globally or it must be commercialized. As donating a human organ is always a sacrifice, this human sacrifice must be legal and rewarded by society.

Human organs are sold. As governments remain indecisive in making human sacrifice legal, organ merchants get profits from selling human organs. The main sources are Third World countries and the main victims of illegal trade are the homeless and the poor. In China, judicial officials execute prisoners to sell their organs. In a black market, a kidney costs $20000. It is the decision of the relatives of a person who has no chance to live whether to earn money by donating this person's organ or not.

A transplant may be the only chance to stay alive. Supposing, I need an organ and I can pay for it. But I have to be on a waiting list, which may diminish my chance to survive. Would I wait, knowing that I have duties and obligations, hoping to prolong by stay here, in this world. What I do? I would find a way out, a corruptive leak that would give a chance. I want to live and I want to be free to expect human sacrifice from those people who legally can sell at a good price what they can sacrifice for their own better life. This legal exchange would be beneficial. I do not think people would be in a worry to get rid even of a healthy tooth. Legally, temptations are less than when human organs are sold illegally.

If it is prohibited to sell human organs, then it should be prohibited to use donors' transplants. But is it possible to stop medical progress? Sooner or later, humankind will open doors to legally sold transplants.

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