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Free Sample Persuasive Speech: Video games do/do not promote violence

I am not a video game addict but many of my acquaintances are. I am not a video game fan simply because I am not good as others at playing with the same enthusiasm and commitment. My acquaintances like playing video games because it helps them relax and feel as if they were kids again. Their children also play video games developed specifically for their age group. Video games develop reaction, problem-solving abilities, attention, and concentration. None of my acquaintances has ever committed a violent act. Video game exists in its virtual space, which does not make claims on real life. Video games get the brunt of the criticism. Our government is anti-video game. Yet, market forces can be the only regulatory mechanisms of violence in video games. Only two or three of the top best-selling video games are violent.

Video games have no violent impact on a video gamer. Younger players may be vulnerable to the violent game content when the play video games that are not suitable for their age. Although first person shooter violence is common to video games, it is not likely to promote aggressive behavioral models. Kids play with toy soldiers but nobody thinks that this teaches them violence.

Video games cannot be considered violent in relation to age, gender, socio-cultural belonging, and educational level. The reaction to the game's content depends on the individual's personal traits. Girsl do not react with greater arousal to violent content than boys. At least, no research has found any significant difference.

It is unlikely that performing violent actions during the play may cause aggression in kids. Although Grand Theft Auto 3 was banned in Australia because of its graphic violence, it does not mean that it could have influenced the increase in crime rates. The problem is that minors often have uncontrolled access to adult games with violent content. Boys aged 7-12 like "action adventure". They develop "killing instinct" only in virtual games but also in the games they play outdoors. Nevertheless, children's exposure to violent content targeted at mature video gamers should be restricted by their parents and caregivers.

I am defending video gaming on behalf of long-time gamers whose hobby has not turned them into psycho-terminators. Video gamers live in their own world of established video game rules, and they wish they could play safely without being disturbed. We're in the habit of regulating our most innocent activities.

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