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Free Sample Student Council Speech: My Family Cultural Artifact

Dear friends, I want to tell you about the cultural artifact which has been in my family for many decades. This is the cushion with the hand-made cross-stitch. I believe it is a masterpiece, because it is the complex work which depicts the fairy wood with a glade and a house on it.

I have chosen this artifact because I believe that the best human memory about family values and past days is kept due to the photographs and such sweet things. To my mind, every family should have some kind of cultural artifact to have the symbol of family relations and those roots which help us overcome difficulties and cope with challenges.

This cushion was embroidered by my grand-grandmother. I remember her sitting in the garden and embroidering. She was a wonderful person who lived long and interesting life full of challenges. For me, she was the wisest person in the world and I listened attentively to each her word. She taught me that though fairy tales are unreal by definition, we should strive to make our lives better, at least partially similar to a tale. This cushion is the symbol of home warmth, family love and care, and other precious values which make our lives happier. It is kept like a relic. My mother told me that first it was just a wonderful cushion of great value because of hand-made embroidery, but after the death of my grand-grandmother it became priceless. My grandmother took it as memory, and also it was decided that this cushion will be descended by female line. So, later it will be kept in the house of my mother.

I believe that such cultural artifacts are important for any person, because they remind us of who we are, where we are from and what are our strengths. Looking at this cushion I remember the days of my childhood, but also I remember who I am now and what I am striving for. "Your family supports you", this cushion whispers, "Be brave and strong". I now and I am. I wish everybody to have such symbol of family relationships.

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