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Student Council Speech


A Student Council speech is a short speech, which is presented in front of a homogeneous group of student voters and contains a personal explanation why a speaker is the best candidate for a definite position in a Council as a democratic organ of school administration.

Preparatory research

Before designing a Student Council speech, a candidate should answer a number of questions to check his/her readiness and eligibility for a position. These questions include the following:

1) What was your most fruitful leadership experience? Which positive qualities have you developed?

2) What is your most considerable accomplishment?

3) Can you identify the needs of the school and the Student Council?

4) Which strides are you going to take as a member of the Student Council?


The structure of a Student Council speech reflects the speech message and purpose. Normally, it contains an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Below is a model outline for a Student Council speech:
1) Introduction:
- Welcoming student voters and attracting their attention to your speech with the help of attention getters such as witty quotes, startling news, a brief description of a suitable life situation;
- Stating the name of the position you are struggling for;
- Making a sentence long preview of your presentation.
2) Body:
- Renaming the position you are striving to occupy and presenting your vision of duties your office will have to fulfill as a part of the Student Council;
- Proving your suitability for the position:
• dwelling upon your previous administrative work, leaderships and major accomplishments;
• enumerating personal qualities, academic qualifications and managerial competencies, which make you the best candidate for the position;
• presenting your "political" platform, which may encompass your objectives, plans and perspective accomplishments.
3) Conclusion:
- Repeating your position statement;
- Referring to your speech opening and rounding your speech up with a catchy slogan, which contains the essentials of your platform.

Topics/basic concepts

Basic concepts of a Student Council speech are "leadership", "qualities", "eligibility", "platform" and "development".


A student council speech should be brief (1-2 min. long), logical, emotional and meet basic requirements of a skillful audible presentation.

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