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Team Speech


The team speech is made by two or more people who work in the team where all tasks and responsibilities are divided among members. This type of speech concentrates on a joint decision. It respects and takes into account all opinions and ideas.


As the speech is delivered by two speakers, they speak in turn.

The outline depends on the context in which the speech is delivered.

Introductory remarks: stating the context of the situation.

Development of ideas: Contextually-bound, maybe in line with the traditionally structured team speeches delivered in a particular organization.

Information about what was done.

Information about may be done by the same team.

Plans for the future.

Conclusion: closing the speech.

Topics/basic concepts

Any occasion as the result of team work; concepts of coordination, cooperation, interaction, mutual understanding, support, and reliability.


emphasizes joint efforts, team membership, so that both speakers use both personal pronouns "We" and "I". They speak on behalf of the whole team as its individual members whose work depends on others.

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