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Theme Wedding Scripts: Traditional Wedding script

Traditional Wedding script

Traditional wedding scripts may involve the following elements:

1. Entrance and procession;
2. Introduction;
3. Various activities and entertainments;
4. Declaration of intent/ Questions of intent;
5. Various activities and entertainments;
6. Exchange of wedding vows;
7. Various activities and entertainments.

The arrival of the couple to the place where the reception party takes place is the first element of the wedding reception. As a rule, the newlyweds come after all guests have already been gathered. The newlyweds can be welcomed by the arch of pine branches as in Scandinavian countries, or just by the flowers: guests stand in two lines, making the arch of the pine branches or flowers. Also, they can be welcomed with bread and salt as in Russia, or with the shower of rice. The toastmaster (TM) announces their coming with loud exclamations of happiness of their coming. TM can either simply shout his words or announce them as in boxing duel. "Here come ________ and ________! Welcome the new family with their first reception party!"

When all are seated, the TM offers the first toast: "Dear newlyweds! Dear parents and guests! We gathered today in the presence of God, family and friends to celebrate the most impressive and the most important even in the life of our newlyweds - their wedding day. This is day of their union and since today they will go holding each others' hands. Today is the start of their common life, let it be happy, prosperous and full of love! To the newlyweds!"

The activities suggested by the TM can include the tasks for the groom:

- To spread out the silver coins in the form of the bride's name;
- To find the imprint of her lips on the paper, where there are five such imprints (others of the female friends of the bride and one of the male friend);
- To put three glasses with some liquids in front of the groom and ask him what life waits for him in his marital status: sweet, bitter or salty. Although he and all guests catching their breaths wait for the outcome of "fortune-telling", the groom will be glad in any case, because all three glasses are filled with sweet water;
- Various numbers are written on the small ladder: the groom has to guess what each of the numbers means (his beloved's birthday; her first visit to Disneyland, their first date; her mother's birthday etc).

After some of these activities, including dances and singing, the questions of intent are asked:

- (TM): What is your name? What is your greatest desire?
- To join with the one I love.
- (TM): ________, will you have this person to be your companion, to live together in legal marriage? Do you promise to love him/her, comfort him/her, honor and support him/her in sickness and in health, for as long as the your dying day comes?
- I do.
- (TM): ________ and ________, standing here in front of me, God, your families and friends, do you promise to keep the sacred bonds of marriage and do you do this of your free will without any pressure?
- I do. I do.
- (TM): Do you promise to be always honest with him/her?
- I do.
- (TM): Do you promise to count till ten before telling some offensive words to your partner?
- I do.
- (TM): Do you promise to be always near to support in health and in sickness, in good mood and in bad mood?
- I do.
- (TM): will you treat your partner with the greatest love and will you always fill your home with this love?
- I will.
- (TM): Do you promise to accomplish the things you have promised to each other in front of me, God, your families and friends?
- I do.
- (TM): May you remember these vows forever and always keep all the promises you've made in front of the whole company today.

These serious questions of intent are followed by some entertainments, activities, dancing. Then wedding vows follow:

"I, ________, take you, ________, as my beloved husband/wife in front of the God, family and friends. I vow to love you, to be honest, loving, loyal, compassionate, responsive and supportive, and correspondingly I ask the same of you. Let it last for as long as our love shall last".

The serious part of the party after the exchange of vows can be considered completed. So, the rest of the evening may be full of entertainment and joy. The only more or less serious spots will be the traditional speeches of the Father of the Bride, the Groom and the Best Man. Further, the Bride's, the Honor maid's and others' speeches are welcomed.

As for the entertainment, information about funny graduation of our newlyweds can be provided to guests. The solemn reading aloud of the wife's certificate can be provided by the toastmaster.

Certificate of a Wife

The present certificate provides that ________ graduated from the University of Friendship and Love in 200_. She defended a thesis on the theme "Who is the head of the family". The Official state commission and Friendship and Love department gives her a speciality of a Wife.

Head of commission: Love Happiness
Secretary: Felicity Joy

The enclosure to a certificate

The following subjects and qualities are assessed:
1. Caprices - A+
2. Giving orders only by looking - A+
3. Getting money out of husband's wallet - A
4. Ironing - C
5. Cooking - B

By the decree of the Official state commission she is allowed to run the husband since __/______ 200_.

Certificate of a Husband

The present certificate provides that ________ graduated from the University of Friendship and Love in 200_. He defended a thesis on the theme "A wife is the best friend of a man". The Official state commission and Friendship and Love department gives him a speciality of a Husband.

Head of commission: Love Happiness
Secretary: Felicity Joy

The enclosure to a certificate

The following subjects and qualities are assessed:
1. Understanding of the wife's gazes - A+
2. Cooking, ironing, baby-sitting - B
3. Money making - A
4. Watching romantic movies - D
5. Reading newspapers - A+

By the decree of the Official state commission he is brought under the wife's supervision since __/______ 200_.

Closure of the Party

The newlyweds make a speech, in which they thank to all guests, to their parents and friends for such a great wedding. They can also promise to gather them in a year to celebrate the anniversary of their wedding (only if they really plan this).

If the butterflies release is planned to entertain the guests, it should be better done outdoors, and during the daylight. The toastmaster can mention that "we are always fascinated by the beauty of butterflies, their easiness, lightness and the joy they bring to us. Let the newlyweds take all the problems and difficulties on their way with the easiness of butterflies!"

If there is such entertainment as dove release, it should be done when it is day, so the birds can be seen. The toastmaster can say a few words about the symbol these birds represent. "Doves are incredible birds. They are the birds of peace; they were used as postmen, and they always accomplished their duties faithfully and bravely. They are very faithful to their partners, and if the female dove is captured, he will never leave her alone. He will rush with all his forces down, to her, to free her, or at least to be there with her. Their love is forever. Let the love of our newlyweds last during their whole lives:

Love gives brushes to the painter, and makes a poet take up the pen,
Raise your eyes, look at them.
They are beautiful, 'cause they are full of love.
Let them live their lives so faithfully as a dove".

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